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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Criminal cases, divorce, child custody, family law and adoptions, personal injury and automobile accidents, real estate law, estate planning and probate, traffic violations, and most types of civil cases.
We currently do not handle bankruptcy or social security disability law.
Give us a call and we will be glad to set up an initial consultation for you. After discussing your options with you, if you choose to hire one of our attorneys, you will simply need to sign a contract and pay your retainer fee to get us started on your case.
We expect our clients to be in good contact with us, to be honest, forthcoming and diligent throughout the progress of your case. Clients must keep their retainer fee paid and must provide and maintain good contact information to our office so that we may alert you with any updates in the case.
Our initial consultation is free of charge. At that meeting, we will discuss the case and the amount of a retainer fee that we expect to charge in order to represent you.
Our firm has been working with automobile accidents for nearly 40 years. We have a specialist who helps deal with insurance companies to ensure that your settlement is in your best interest, fair and that you get the best result possible. Some insurance companies can be intimidating to those of you dealing with financial or medical issues stemming from an accident, so let us make sure you are getting the best result possible before you settle for their first offer.
Not yet. Let us take a look at your case before you blindly enter a plea of guilty. Sometimes with a little effort, we can work with the State and get your charge reduced, dismissed or deferred based on law you are unaware of. We’ve seen countless people who have pled guilty to what they think is a small charge that we could have helped with, and it can come back to haunt you in the long run if you plea guilty without being fully aware of the consequences.
That depends on the amount of time we spend in the case. Generally speaking, an uncontested (agreed) divorce is much less costly than one in which we are required to make numerous court appearances and file many motions.
This also is dependent on a few factors. If the case is absolutely uncontested, your divorce could be complete within 60 days of the time paperwork is filed (if there are no minor children, or 90 days if there are minor children). However, if you and your spouse are not working well with each other and there are many facets of your case that need to be hashed out, then the case will understandably take much longer.
-In our business, we advise people to have these documents and to keep them current. It is always a good choice to have a Will to make your wishes known to family and others.
-A medical power of attorney is a document that lists your wishes should you become incapacitated to the point that you cannot make medical decisions on your own. In this document, you designate someone that the medical professionals will look to when it’s time to make those decisions.
-A Durable Power of Attorney gives a person whom you designate power to do things only you are legally able to do (banking, signing documents, selling property, etc.). This is often done when someone is out of town or not in good health.
-All of these documents require the signer to be competent to the point of clearly understanding what they are doing by signing them.
Although it varies for each type of case, our staff should be able to tell you on the phone what documents would be helpful to bring to your appointment. Generally, for criminal cases it is helpful if you bring your warrant, ticket or a copy of the arrest report.
We are the longest standing law firm in the Upper Cumberland area. We have been in business since 1951 when Arnold Cameron opened the firm. Our senior partner William Cameron has been in practice since 1968, and through the years many reputable attorneys have been trained in our office. We have not only the experience needed for the job, but also the reputation and care that shows that we will take care of you in a time that may be difficult for you and your family.