Foster Care Adoption

A foster adoption is one in which the adoptive parents have fostered the child through an agency such as the Department of Children’s Services.

What to Expect

A case worker and adoption specialists at the local DCS office will begin to prepare paperwork for the lawyer that the adoptive/foster parents choose.

Since DCS has placed in this home, it’s often the case that they are a party who is in agreement to the adoption. Once the attorney receives all of the initial information, she will begin to draw up the Petition for Adoption and as soon as the required waiting period has passed and everything is in order, a date can be set for the final adoption.

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Those costs are passed along to the State of Tennessee, Department of Children’s Services, so you will not be responsible for any standard costs.

Usually by the point of DCS moving toward adoption, the parents rights have been terminated or they have surrendered their rights. One the appeal process and time has run, there is no further obligation to provide anything to the birth parents.