Private Adoption

A private adoption is one where there is no agency involved but where one or both parents choose to forever place their child with a specific person, couple or family. Oftentimes this is a family member or close friends of the family and can be a way to avoid a foster care situation or a child being placed with strangers.

What to Expect

This type of adoption includes various factors that can affect the path we take to securing the adoption, but we have experience in many different circumstances and are glad to answer any questions you may have.

During our initial consultation we will discuss the variables that could affect the direction we can go in beginning and in finalizing an adoption of this nature. In the case of a baby not being born yet, we can (and should) still discuss what can be done prior to the birth, how the hospital will handle the transition, and what can be done when a mother consents to the adoption as well as what to do if a biological father is involved or not.

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In many cases, the child must reside in the adoptive family’s home for a period of six months. In some cases, a contested adoption may take longer and in some cases, a relative placement may be shorter.

A home study is when a qualified child-placing agency interviews the adoptive parent(s), reviews their history, inspects the home and writes a full report of their findings. In most cases, this is required even if you do not go through an agency for the adoption itself.  We can discuss if your case will require it or not.

Parenting is a fundamental right and deciding to give a child up for adoption is an incredibly difficult decision to make. Sometimes, plans change last minute and an adoption falls through. It is a risky process because there are no guarantees that can be made in advance. The best advice is to have clear communication and seek legal counsel for your situation.

There are very strict parameters on what can be paid to a birth parent in relation to the adoption of a child. To avoid accidentally breaking the law, always consult an attorney to know what is legal and allowable before you pay anything in relation to an adoption.