Personal Injury Law

If you were in a car or boating accident and have property damage and/or injury, dealing with insurance companies and getting the compensation you deserve can be stressful. Our team has the experience and reputation to get results for our clients. 

What to Expect

Our pre-trial specialist, Ed van Aalten has worked in our firm for 30 years and prior to that he worked as a claims adjustor, he is highly knowledgeable in assessing your case and providing a reasonable plan to see how you might recover monetarily from the accident.

The first thing to expect is an initial consultation with the attorney and pre-trial specialist for a review of your injuries and/or damages. Because there is a time-frame on when a case can be filed, making an appointment early on in the process is important.

You must keep your mind on the objective, not on the obstacle

William Randolph Hearst


Take photos of any injuries and damage, write down what happened in detail while it’s fresh in your memory, obtain contact information for any potential witnesses, and visit a doctor if you haven’t already

Filing a lawsuit can feel contentious, but the legal system is there in case you are not able to come to a resolution on your own. Just because you file a suit doesn’t mean you have to have a trial, but often it is the first step in negotiating your case and resolving the matter peacefully.

As long as you are not equally or more at fault than the other person, you may still be able to recover a portion of your damages.

In most cases such as this, we only get paid if we are successful in winning our client’s claim. In that case, we receive a small portion of the total fee.