Lindsay Gross


Adoptions, criminal Law, wills, Other things, stuff to Mention.


Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, father and aunt, Lindsay began the practice in 2009. With a background in journalism, collegiate athletics and community service work, Lindsay is hands-on with clients and strives to walk each one through the process of their case. The bulk of her practice has been in serving the Court by assisting children, and she has worked closely with the Department of Children’s Services to ensure that children are taken care of. 

In addition to her main love of adoptions, she also drafts many wills and power-of-attorney documents, and guides clients through conservatorships, Lindsay also compassionately serves in the area of criminal defense with a concentration on driving offenses such as DUI. Lindsay and Bill often work cases in tandem to ensure that even in the instance of conflicting court requirements, clients are always well-represented in court.


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